The ICS Solutions meet the needs of the final customer, but also are particularly attractive for our distribution partners.

  • Professional and robust solutions, based on over 100 years’ experience in industrial and protective coatings
  • A complete range of colours with all the tools needed to provide an excellent service.
  • A product range specifically developed for the sectors of Industry, Anti-corrosion Protection and Industrial and Commercial Vehicles.
  • A product range rationalised, organised into modules and based on two complementary systems, so that each point of sale can adjust the offer to its customers’ profile.
  • Complete solutions that include all the products in the system best suited to the customer’s needs.
  • The ICS Solution Finder application (available on this website), that provides:              
    • Suggestions for coating systems suitable for the intended job.
    • Information about the differences between the various solutions offered.
    • Handy instructions for the products application.
    This tool, in addition to contributing towards better customer service, can be very useful in the training and support of staff who have less experience with ICS products.
  • A full range of equipment for quick and simple preparation of the appropriate products at the point of sale.
  • An IT tools developed by CIN so that its retail outlets have access to all the advantages associated with proper management of the Tinting System.
  • The reliability of a multinational company, which is market leader in the Iberian Peninsula and is also one of the largest manufacturers in Europe and a worldwide benchmark.
  • Useful instructions for the products application.


To learn more about the ICS Solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.   

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