What is ICS?

Specialist coating solutions for Industry, Anti-corrosion Protection and Industrial and Commercial Vehicles, at a point of sale near the customer.


The Industrial Coatings Solutions (ICS) Retail Sales System was developed by CIN so that professionals who apply coatings for Industry, Anti-Corrosion Protection or Industrial and Commercial Vehicles can quickly and easily get access, through retail outlets (CIN shops, dealers and distributors), to a vast selection of solutions specially designed to respond to the rigorous specifications normally associated with this sector.


ICS: Coating solutions that complement your projects.


  • Products that meet the highest specifications required by industrial and protective coatings market.
  • A full range of colours.
  • Two complementary colour dispensing systems that allow delivery of solutions perfectly adapted to a large number of applications and substrates.
  • Complete solutions that include all the products of the selected system.
  • The information you need so that you can choose the most suitable solution for your project.
  • All the tools to immediately provide the coating solution you want in the desired colour at the point of sale.
  • An extensive network of points of sale.


What does this site enable?

The interactive ICS tool allows you to quicklyand simply obtain the ideal solution for you. This on-line search assistant will make it more intuitive to discover the right systems and products to apply in your projects.